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Maroon Vibes Press Kit

Approved artist bio for release

Experience the ultimate Maroon 5 tribute with Maroon Vibes: a thrilling journey through the hits of Maroon 5 and Adam Levine. Combining infectious melodies with a high-energy band and captivating frontman, Maroon Vibes brings the live Maroon 5 experience to life like never before. Drawing from actual live shows, Maroon Vibes authentically captures every detail, including the distinctive sounds of Adam Levine's trademark falsetto. What sets Maroon Vibes apart is their dedication to infusing each performance with unique and dynamic touches, offering a fresh interpretation of beloved songs. Whether you're a devoted fan or simply seeking a night of unforgettable music, Maroon Vibes guarantees an evening filled with pure "Maroon Vibes"!

Approved images for release

Maroon Vibes Band Photo
Awesome Crowd at Maroon Vibes Show
Maroon Vibes Logo
Maroon Vibes Band Photo
Maroon Vibes Band
Maroon Vibes Logo
Maroon Vibes singer hitting the high note
Maroon Vibes Singer
Maroon Vibes Logo

Management & Booking 

Joe Urbano


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